We pride ourselves on high quality workmanship and customer service.


We have always wanted a shop that could service all of our high performance needs, regardless of the platform. We strive to offer all services that you may need and ensure you get our high quality workmanship no matter the job. If we do not offer a service you seek, inquire and we will do our best to make it part of our offering. Please take a moment to review the services that we provide and note that we are rapidly expanding our capabilities.

Our Services

Motor Builds

We pride ourselves on our motor builds. We use a combination of the best parts (aftermarket and OEM) to bring the most potent and tried motor builds. Our motor builds come with a 1yr warranty of mechanical failure*. Each build includes a build sheet and break-in process whether you are local to Boost Division or we are shipping your long/short block overseas. We have the ability to build everything from mild to wild and have the means to produce custom rod/pistons for any platform.

Machine Work

Boost Division has invested a lot of time and money into our machine shop, which has over 40yrs of experience. We offer every service from filled blocks to line hones, o-ring, aluminum rods, and everything in between. Our prices are not cheap, but reflect the quality of our work. We believe that machining is one of the most important aspects to a good motor build, this allows us to offer a warranty on our builds.

Motor Swaps

Want to throw a 4G64 in an Evo? No problem. Have the desire for a 2JZ or RB in a 240? That’s easy! Need LS power in a BMW? (We haven’t done that yet but sure we could figure it out). There are no shortcuts taken in our swaps. Have something you want a quote about? Please reach out to our staff.


Tuning at Boost Division is ever evolving in order to offer you the best tuning experience. Currently we offer ECUFLASH, Cobb, AEM, HP Tuners, and SCT tuning. We can even bench flash the FK8 Type R. We have the ability to E-Tune a variety of platforms and have multiple tuners supporting Boost Division to guarantee that if we cannot personally tune your platform, we have a tuner that we trust to assist you.

Electrical Work

We hate electrical work just like you do, but we will not lie to you and tell you we cannot do it. All of our electrical work uses the best gauge wiring for the job (not just what is the cheapest) and all connections are soldered and marine heat shrunk to combat corrosion over time from exposure to the elements.

Tire Mount / Balance

We have an in-house state-of-the-art tire mounting machine and sonar balancer. High end performance cars need proper balancing to ensure smooth delivery of power to the road, and prevent out-of-balance wear to drivetrain that an improperly balanced tire can create. If we damage a wheel, we replace it!

Corner Balancing

Our in-house corner balancing is a service that most performance shops do not offer. Corner balancing is crucial to keeping a high horsepower car straight on the drag strip or the ability to turn in the corners. Proper tire contact weight is an important aspect many individuals (and shops) overlook.

Fender Rolling

When you want the widest rim/tire combo, most cars need a fender roll. We offer this as a service but also rent our fender roller to customers. This process can cause fenders/paint to crack and despite measures to decrease this likelihood, it is always a possibility and should be done with caution.

Caliper Rebuilds

Finding a shop that does inhouse caliper rebuilds can be tough, but we do them all the time since the majority of our specialized vehicles have Brembo Calipers. We can complete a 4x caliper rebuild in a single day to get you back on the road quickly. We also offer caliper powder coating services with new authentic Brembo stickers of your color choice, but that takes longer than a day...

Powder Coating

Need to fix your dull looking painted parts or just want to make a statement in your engine bay? We can do most powder coating jobs and we use Prismatic Powders. If you need a valve cover powder coated and have baffles, please bring it to us, we will drill out the baffles and do a proper cleaning then re-install the baffles and tap/wire lock with bolts. We have seen a lot of damaged engines due to shops sand blasting valve covers and getting sand in the baffles which ends up getting into your rod/main bearings.

Future Services

Custom Fabrication

Fabrication is a lot more than welding and should not be confused. This is a service we are currently developing and hope to soon offer the ability to custom fabricate anything as we continue to expand our in-house equipment.


Currently Boost Division does not have an on-site Dynometer. This is something we are working diligently to acquire. We even plan to have a motorcycle attachment to allow us to modify and tune sports bikes.


When aligning a car, Hunter is the best. We do not offer in-house alignments because we want to get the right equipment the first time. It is going to take some time to attain the equipment we desire. Until then, we are contracted with a local shop to align our cars to ensure you as our customer get the best alignment for your money.

Injector Cleaning

Asnu machines are the best in the industry and is the same machine that Injector Dynamics and Fuel Injector Clinic use. We plan to have a Asnu machine on location in the near future to offer this to customers as a 1 day turnaround with the best machine on the market.

customer cars
we’ve built.

Each job, no matter the size, is treated the same and is a direct reflection of our company name. It is important for us to make our customers happy and to deliver a car worth bragging about. We believe our work speaks for itself and we look forward to each new project, including yours.