Military Discount

Proud to be an American! Less than 1% of Americans have done what we do.

Thank You.

We would like to thank our U.S. Veterans past and present. Your service, sacrifice, and dedication to our nation is greatly appreciated! Our discount program, along with qualifications has been structured by our own Veterans here at Boost Division to ensure we will be able to provide the proper people with the discount they’ve earned.

Both U.S. Active Duty, Reservists, and former Service members qualify for our discount program. Your account will be migrated to our “military” group, and you will be able to take advantage of our special discount code.

How to Apply


Please e-mail from a .mil e-mail account to verify your status. This does not have to be the e-mail you use to register your account or normally submit correspondence to us through. However, if it is not the e-mail you used to register your account with, please note the e-mail account you did use. This way we can migrate that account to the “military” group and send you the discount code. You can also use the method below as well.


The easiest way for a prior service member to verify their status is to visit DMDC website and request a single record request. Simply go to the search and enter your information. Single Record Request

NOTE: You want to enter an active duty status date during the time period you were active duty. For Reservists, this should include basic training dates.

The DMDC generated PDF file will only contain your last name and active duty status/dates. We will use this to confirm your prior service and migrate your account to the “military” group. We will also send you the discount code.

Please e-mail the PDF to

Start your buildToday

As a veteran owned and operated company, we understand the stress that a military career can have on your family and the financial burdens that can arise. Here at Boost Division we want to make sure that building your car isn’t stressful and that you are able to focus on protecting our country. We work very closely with the Navy Fleet and Family Services as well as the Navy SEAL Foundation and in many cases have helped Active Duty Service Members acquire interest free loans to fix/build their cars. Other service branches offer these same benefits. Allow us to build your car as well as offer up our assistance in maxing out your military benefits. Our military program is far more than just a discount!