Built to getboosted.

Custom build your boosted ride

Boost Division was founded as a company for the community, a forced induction centric facility for all enthusiasts. Demanding the highest level of quality work, attention to detail, and customer service, we have raised the bar to create a new standard amongst performance shops.  

the best selection of performance parts.

Our shop is designed around ease of navigation—with over 350 direct brands and 18 warehouses around the U.S. filled with millions of quality parts. Your choices may be daunting at times, but rest assured, you will not find low quality products on our site as you may with others. That means any choice is the right choice, but we are always here to help with questions. We offer 1-2 day free shipping on most orders and have multiple finance options available to meet everyone’s needs. Thank you for shopping at Boost Division.

we stand behind our work.

Our promise to our customers is to dominate within the performance realm as a premier shop while emphasizing a genuine personal experience with each and every individual customer. You, our customers, are our family.

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Our Garage.

We offer you a state-of-the-art facility and industry-leading equipment that is backed by the finest employees who have a combined 60 years of forced induction experience. Real boost does not start at 40psi; it starts at Boost Division.

we believe in quality.

We have always wanted a shop that could service all of our high performance needs, regardless of the platform. We strive to offer all services that you may need and ensure you get our high quality workmanship no matter the job. If we do not offer a service you seek, inquire and we will do our best to make it part of our offering. Please take a moment to review the services that we provide and note that we are rapidly expanding our capabilities.